Monday, March 31, 2014

journaling potlucks for sale and a giveaway!

I am excited to announce the Journaling Journeys Shop at Etsy, which sells journaling potlucks full of creative supplies for you!

What they are:
 Each 30 piece journaling/scrapbooking potluck contains a vintage book page, sheet music, journaling cards of varying sizes, scrapbook paper and paper scraps, paint chips, scrapbook die cuts, and various other bits and bobs that are perfect for creative journaling, scrapbooking, decorating gifts or cards, and more! (Each potluck is a little different; the pictures are just an idea.)

The giveaway!
To celebrate the opening of the shop, I am giving away one journaling potluck to a lucky winner. :) All you have to do is comment on this post and you will be entered! I will choose a winner at random next Tuesday, the 8th. US readers only, please. Shipping internationally is just too expensive these days. :(

In the mean time, you can head on over and visit the shop. :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

journaling supplies: part 2

Welcome to part 2 of a peek into my journaling supplies! 
(Click here for part 1)
I hope that maybe I can inspire you and give you 
some ideas in your own journaling.

 Paper scraps! These you can find anywhere--Chipotle bags, coffee sleeves, 
grocery bags, old stationery and papers etc. 
These are great for writing poems, lyrics, or just little blips. 
They add some extra dimension and texture to the journal page. 

 I really like using labels and stickers for list titles or date headings.
 I found most of these at Michael's, except the kraft paper ones. 
Those were in the dollar bins at Target. 
(Always check the Target dollar bins! 
They have great crafty/scrapbooking supplies!)

 Extra-large journaling cards. 
These are great for writing quotes or poems or facts from the day. 
I love journaling cards because they are so pretty and always make an entry look cheery! 
My mom got me these for a present, so I'm not sure where they are from. 
Either Michael's or Target, I'm guessing.

 This is by far the largest portion of my journaling box. 
It doesn't look like that much from the picture, but it's all in a mound. 
This is just random stuff I've been collecting for years--pictures from magazines, cutouts 
from old calendars, poems, quotes, and lyrics I've copied, stuff from old books, etc. 
Basically anything pretty or inspiring I come across and would like to paste in my journal eventually.

 Maps and pages from old books make excellent journal spreads! 
They look so vintage and smell so good. 
Thrift and antique stores always have them for sale.

 And paint chips! You know how much I love and use the paint chip in my journaling.
These are completely and absolutely free at Lowe's and Home Depot,
and there are always so many lovely colors to choose!

Scrapbook paper and paper scraps are a very simple way to make an entry look pretty.
I usually buy the 6x6 size, because it's smaller and easier to store and use for journaling.
Target, Michael's, JoAnne's, and Hobby Lobby 
(as well as Wal-Mart and other craft stores) will always have scrapbook paper. 
I've also found some at thrift stores as well; make sure you look!

I hope you have gleaned some ideas and inspiration 
from these posts for your own journaling!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

journaling supplies: envelopes

 Envelopes are fantastic tools for journaling.
They're a dime a dozen and as common as stop signs. 
You just need to know where to look.

 I find most of my envelopes at thrift stores. 
Every thrift store usually has a random box or bin filled with paper products like cards, stationery, post cards, envelopes, etc. 
Digging through these boxes often produces many treasures. 
Including envelopes. And they are so cheap.

I found this envelope at Michael's. 
They're mini envelopes that came in a pack 
with other patterns for a couple dollars.

 You can make your own "envelopes" with 
paint chips and washi tape, 
as seen above.

 Use your envelopes to store 
random things you find. 

In this envelope there is an 
airport parking ticket, a penny, and a receipt.

 I made this envelope myself (more on that later) and 
it has some items I picked up on a trail ride 
(a small green paper clip, a receipt, 
and something else I can't remember now.)

 You can also write poems 
on envelopes. 

Or put in things from the day that will make the "story" of it. 
In this envelope I put in paint chips 
and the "quote of the day" 
(a funny saying by one of my brothers.)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

journaling supplies: part 1

I love seeing how other people journal and what supplies they use. It's a great way to get some inspiration for your own journaling. I have been collecting journaling supplies for about three years now.  I get lots of it from thrift stores--yes, its there! You just have to look. My mom buys me stuff here and there, and the rest comes as gifts or when I have some extra money to spend. It takes time to build up art supplies on a budget. I sure didn't get all of my stuff overnight! Hopefully you can get some ideas from what I am sharing here.

 This is my journaling box. I got it at Michael's last year. 
I like to keep my supplies in a box because it's portable.
 My journaling isn't restricted to my desk, 
since all my supplies is contained in one place.

 This is all my supplies packed into my box.

 I made a little pouch for my pens, scissors, and glue stick. 
I love the colored Sharpie pens! Target sells them in 
singles sometimes, and they have good clearances.

 Of course, washi tape. 

 These are post-it notes, tags, and labels. 
I found some of these at the thrift store, 
and the rest came from Barnes and Noble and Target. 

 I love to use journaling cards. They are very bright and cheery! 
Some of these are from Michael's and some are from Target. 
(Target actually sells packages of twenty or so cards for $2.99) 
You can also print your own journaling cards. 
Here is a link to get you started.

 These are my random labels and cards. 
I found that at Michael's on clearance last year. 
They are very useful for card and present making as well. 

Envelopes! I love journaling with envelopes.
 90% of the envelopes you see came from the thrift store. 
The rest I made myself. 

What supplies do you use for your own journaling?
Stay tuned for part 2!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

journaling tips and ideas: old books

 Old books make wonderful journaling supplies. 
And they are easily found at thrift stores and antique shops.

 They are full of vintage looking type 
and they smell good.

 The maps are fantastic, especially if they 
are from a history book from the early 1900s. 
It seems weird to think that they needed history 
books back then...World War I hadn't even happened yet.

I like to cut out hearts from
 the old pages and maps.

 They go very nicely with 
paint chips of course.

 Or you can use the 
headings as flower beds.

 Or cut out flowers 
from the pages.

 You can even write directly 
on the pages with a Sharpie.

Or paste an entire map into 
your journal just because it looks pretty.

Have you ever used books as journaling supplies?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

journal storage

 Currently I house my journals in this trunk 
I bought at a thrift store a couple of years ago.
  I think it kind of looks like a treasure chest.

Used journals are lined up in the back. 
To the left are unused notebooks, 
and to the right are my brother's old journals.

 This got me thinking...
where do you store your journals??

And if you haven't entered the giveaway, please do! 
You could win a leather bound journal!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

some inspiration

Here's some journaling/notebook inspiration I've come across this week. Hopefully you can find some inspiration as well! Enjoy.

sense of smell

book of images and words 

If you haven't already, don't forget to enter the giveaway!
You could possibly win a brand new leather journal.

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