Wednesday, April 30, 2014

recent journal: february-march

Some pages from my recent journal,
february-march 2013


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

how to: journaling with scrapbook paper

The post today comes from a reader request. Andrea says,
"Can you do an entry showing the scrapbook paper and/or journaling cards in your journals? After hoarding up scrapbooking supplies and discovering that I am really a journal lover instead, I'd appreciate some inspiration on using my scrapbook paper stash!"
 The answer is yes, I can, Andrea! :) So here we go: journaling with scrapbook paper, one of the most effective ways to add color and beauty to the journal (besides washi tape.) Scrapbook paper can be found practically everywhere from Target to Micheal's, and even thrift stores! Yes, it's there, too.

 This little strip made a useful date decoration.

 Green scrapbook paper makes a nice summery background for a playlist.

 Scalloped scissors make this little rectangular paper a nice decoration.

 June-themed scrapbook paper makes a great background for a summer-themed collage.

 I find scrapbook paper most useful in the creation of little collages in the journal.

Or simply as an accent, like this brown and pink chevron.

And finally scrapbook paper is very useful when it compliments each other, as these here represent the sun and the sky.

So there are many ways to use scrapbook paper in your journals! These are just a few ideas. Hopefully they have been helpful to you guys!

Monday, April 21, 2014

journaling daily

I haven't been a consistent daily journaler until recently. When I first started, my entries were sporadic; probably because I just didn't posses the skill or the discipline at age ten to journal daily (plus I probably didn't have a lot to talk about. Except maybe American Girl and my homeschool group that met once a week.) As I grew older, my entries became a bit more regular, several times a week, but even then only a few lines each. I would then go through phases where I would journal every day, only to drop off once more.

I struggled with depression as a teenager, and that played a significant role in my journaling, and I rarely journaled. When I did, my entries were about worries or how miserable I was feeling. I regret now, looking back, not keeping a daily journal more consistently. I remember little of 2008, because that was the year I jouranled the least. I wish I would have jouranled daily about what had happened in my life and family. But I didn't, and I suppose it can't be helped now.

As of now, I fill up several pages daily of anything and everything that has happened to me or comes to my mind. Thoughts, ideas, lists, tidbits from around the house, as well as artistic endeavors such as paint chip collages or cut outs from magazines. I love looking back and having a record of what has passed, and writing daily helps relieve stress, anxiety, and provides a great outlet for creativity. I do take breaks at times, if I'm busy, ppreoccupied, or just don't have the motivation to write. However, after a day or so off, I'm usually ready to write again.

Do you journal daily?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

sticking with a journal

Do you ever struggle with “let’s hurry up and fill up this journal so I can start a new one” syndrome? I certainly I do at times. My journaling trunk is a testimony to this; I think I have close to ten journals that are only partially filled. The reasons are various—the journal was too thick, the paper was too thin, it was lined/unlined (depending on my mood that affects me), it was too small, too big, the pages were white, and on it goes. 

I haven’t discarded a journal halfway through for about a year now. Part of this, I think, is because I have finally found what works for me as far as the actual journal is concerned—I need a semi-thick book with cream pages, it must have lines (although depending on the journal I can get away with an unlined one), and it should be around 5x7. If you struggle with discarded journals, take a look at the ones you’ve abandoned and see what they have in common. Take note of the journals you have finished and see what they have in common. You might discover something. 

Sometimes rushing through a journal just comes from having a short attention span (I know it does for me a lot of the time). If this describes you, perhaps it would be helpful to live in the moment and approach your current journal with slowness and simplicity, appreciating the blank page in front of you and just working to fill it with something meaningful, instead of looking ahead. I know this has worked for me many times.

Also, the realization that journaling is a journey, and not a destination. When I had only three or four filled journals to my name, I would wish and wish that I had more. But you can’t have more unless you give focus and attention to each journal, instead of discarding it or rushing to fill it!

These are just some things I've learned over the years of journaling. Perhaps they may be helpful in your journaling journey. Do you have  any thoughts to add?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

one dollar washi tape!

Guess what? Target now has washi tape in the dollar bins! My mom found these for me last night!
So if you have a Target near you, check the dollar spot!
(Sorry, fluffy white and orange cats cannot be found in the Target dollar bins, unfortunately.)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

notebook review: Field Notes

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Field Notes notebooks, durably made in the USA.  Dawson from Field Notes sent me the three-pack Shelterwood notebooks and the mixed three-pack (it contains one ruled notebook, one graph notebook, and one blank notebook.)

The size, 3x5 inches, is a bit small for me to use as an actual journal, but it's perfect for sticking in your pocket or a purse while you are out an about and need to write down thoughts or observations, but don't have your full-sized journal with you. That is what I will be using them for.

 Dawson also included Field Notes paraphernalia (thank you!),
a pen, pencil, and pretty awesome Field Notes rubber band.

 My cat thinks she is my personal journal review helper
It took some shoving to get her off the table so I could continue taking pictures.

 I very much liked the Shelterwood notebooks.

The Shelterwood covers are actually made of--guess what?--wood. 
No, really. It's actually and literally American Cherry wood 
(but of course it doesn't feel like a board or anything). How neat is that?

 The pages are a lovely cream color. 
As you can see, I have tested all of my regular pens.

 The Sharpie and Pilot pens didn't really bleed through (although there is some shadow), 
but the Uni-Ball and the Sharpie did have some actual bleed through onto the other side. 

 This is a great little pack of notebooks--you get a bit of everything. 

 The covers are very smooth, but not as thick or as rugged feeling as the Shelterwood cover.

 The paper is white, and somewhat thinner than the Shelterwood paper.

 Pen testing...

 The see-through and bleed-through is slightly worse than the paper 
of the Shelterwood notebooks, but still manageable. 

 Each notebook features this cool form inside the front cover.

 The little blip about the notebooks, as well as the list of "practical applications" and 
the inclusion of a ruler, make the back cover quite useful indeed.

 And you have to love this. Living in the moment at its finest.

 Dawson was so generous with the amount of notebooks he included, there was plenty to share with my brothers. 
Connor, who is 8 and loves notebooks, is using one of his Field Notes for a nature notebook.

 All in all, I was very pleased with these little notebooks, and I know they will be put to good use by me and my brothers! A big thank you to Field Notes, and to Dawson, for sending me these pleasant little notebooks for review!

Check out Field Notes:
You can find out more about Field Notes on their website, purchase something from their shop, or check out their retail locations. If anything, just check out the website. It's very interesting.

Disclosure: I received these journals from Field Notes in return for my honest review of the product, and the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was not compensated in any other way.

Monday, April 7, 2014

recent journal: january

 Today I thought I would share with you some pictures of my recent journal:
January 2013


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