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Sunday, March 30, 2014

journaling supplies: part 2

Welcome to part 2 of a peek into my journaling supplies! 
(Click here for part 1)
I hope that maybe I can inspire you and give you 
some ideas in your own journaling.

 Paper scraps! These you can find anywhere--Chipotle bags, coffee sleeves, 
grocery bags, old stationery and papers etc. 
These are great for writing poems, lyrics, or just little blips. 
They add some extra dimension and texture to the journal page. 

 I really like using labels and stickers for list titles or date headings.
 I found most of these at Michael's, except the kraft paper ones. 
Those were in the dollar bins at Target. 
(Always check the Target dollar bins! 
They have great crafty/scrapbooking supplies!)

 Extra-large journaling cards. 
These are great for writing quotes or poems or facts from the day. 
I love journaling cards because they are so pretty and always make an entry look cheery! 
My mom got me these for a present, so I'm not sure where they are from. 
Either Michael's or Target, I'm guessing.

 This is by far the largest portion of my journaling box. 
It doesn't look like that much from the picture, but it's all in a mound. 
This is just random stuff I've been collecting for years--pictures from magazines, cutouts 
from old calendars, poems, quotes, and lyrics I've copied, stuff from old books, etc. 
Basically anything pretty or inspiring I come across and would like to paste in my journal eventually.

 Maps and pages from old books make excellent journal spreads! 
They look so vintage and smell so good. 
Thrift and antique stores always have them for sale.

 And paint chips! You know how much I love and use the paint chip in my journaling.
These are completely and absolutely free at Lowe's and Home Depot,
and there are always so many lovely colors to choose!

Scrapbook paper and paper scraps are a very simple way to make an entry look pretty.
I usually buy the 6x6 size, because it's smaller and easier to store and use for journaling.
Target, Michael's, JoAnne's, and Hobby Lobby 
(as well as Wal-Mart and other craft stores) will always have scrapbook paper. 
I've also found some at thrift stores as well; make sure you look!

I hope you have gleaned some ideas and inspiration 
from these posts for your own journaling!


  1. Love this! I have a lot of scrapbook paper that I've bought from Michaels. I love making my journals look like scrapbooks. =) This post was very inspiring for me -- thank you!!


  2. I absolutely love your blog and all the inspiration you give me. Can you do an entry showing the scrapbook paper and/or journaling cards in your journals? After hoarding up scrapbooking supplies and discovering that I am really a journal lover instead, I'd appreciate some inspiration on using my scrapbook paper stash!

  3. Andrea~I'm glad you're enjoying it. I can't promise anything soon (busyness over here) but I'll definitely keep in mind for future posts. In the mean time, if you look back through my archives, there are many pictures of my journals that include scrapbook paper and journaling cards, so perhaps you could get some ideas from them!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Your pages are so incredibly beautiful. I love the paint chip and the envelope blog posting. I definitely go back and review some of your older blog posts to get glimpses of scrapbook paper. I think I just sit here and look at your entries over and over and over again!


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