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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

journaling supplies: washi tape

Another handy item that provides 
immediate color, beauty, and creativity
for your journals is what’s known as washi tape. 
This stuff is amazing.

I was first introduced to washi tape by my mom, who is always keeping an eye out for interesting journaling mediums for me. She came home from Target one day last January or February trying to explain this really cool colored tape. I didn’t get the concept until I could see it for myself, and it was very much love at first sight. And Mom bought me some for Valentine’s Day. Ever since then, washi tape has been a staple with my journaling (and letter writing). 

 Washi tape is not like regular tape, as it is actually reusable. 
Meaning it doesn’t stick too hard and ruin the paper and everything when you pull the strip off. 
You can just use it again and again, which is really awesome. Also, they have more washi tape patterns 
out there than you’d ever be able to use. 

 It's very useful for anchoring dried flowers.

I really love the Smash brand washi tape, because it has several different patterns just in one roll (see above). But the best deal I've found is at Michael's. They have washi tape for around $4.99 for two rolls and here is a secret—Michael’s usually always has printable coupons for 40% off one regular priced item. Or if you can’t find those, Hobby Lobby always has 40% printables, and most Michael’s stores will take competitor’s coupons (just google "Hobby Lobby printable coupon.") So then you can get some washi tape for almost half off! I’ve also seen some really pretty washi tape on Etsy.

Washi tape is a great way to add color and interest to your entries.
Have you ever used washi tape?


  1. I use washi to stick in photos or to tip in pages I've painted or postcards I've received. Hadn't thought about dried flowers! The ones I love are MT tape made by midori.

  2. I am addicted to washi tape! I love it Where do you like to buy it?

  3. Hello Carla!

    I buy all of my washi tape at Michael's, but my Smash tape came from Target. Michael's sells washi tape for $4.99 for 2 rolls, and they usually have coupons out good for 40% off one item, so you can get washi tape for pretty cheap there!

  4. I got mine from staples - i love that yellow washi tape you have - i also use them for my journals - my journals are like scrapbooks

  5. Yes - they have quite a few! This blog is actually quite inspiring - and got me to using it! Thanks


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