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Saturday, February 8, 2014

journaling supplies: favorite pens

I do love a good ballpoint every now and then, but most of the time I like something a bit more...inky. I like the way ink feels and how it smears sometimes and gets on your hands. Inking pens can be expensive, but the ones I am sharing with you today are very affordable! And they write really well, too.

 My first favorite is the Sharpie fine tip pen. It doesn’t have major bleed through problems like many inky pens (unless the paper is really thin) and you can use them forever until they finally run out of ink. Like for months and months, even if you write every day. They are also not too thin and not too thick.

 My second favorite is the Pilot Precision V7 fine tip. They run out of ink faster than the Sharpie pens do, and the ink is more prone to smearing. The tip is also very thin and fine, which can sometimes make your writing messy. And they only write smoothly on certain types of paper (non glossy or finished kinds). But all things considered, I like them every now and again depending on the paper I'm using. 

 Coming in last is the Uni-Ball Vision. I picked these up last year because I had heard some good things about them. However, the “fine” tip isn’t very fine and they skip a lot when you write (depending on the paper). I usually use them for word art when I need some substantial ink. However, the good pro to them is that they’re fade proof and waterproof, which Pilot and Sharpie aren’t. 

Here's a comparison of all of them. 

Do you have a favorite pen for journaling?

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