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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

journaling tips and ideas: old books

 Old books make wonderful journaling supplies. 
And they are easily found at thrift stores and antique shops.

 They are full of vintage looking type 
and they smell good.

 The maps are fantastic, especially if they 
are from a history book from the early 1900s. 
It seems weird to think that they needed history 
books back then...World War I hadn't even happened yet.

I like to cut out hearts from
 the old pages and maps.

 They go very nicely with 
paint chips of course.

 Or you can use the 
headings as flower beds.

 Or cut out flowers 
from the pages.

 You can even write directly 
on the pages with a Sharpie.

Or paste an entire map into 
your journal just because it looks pretty.

Have you ever used books as journaling supplies?

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