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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

sticking with a journal

Do you ever struggle with “let’s hurry up and fill up this journal so I can start a new one” syndrome? I certainly I do at times. My journaling trunk is a testimony to this; I think I have close to ten journals that are only partially filled. The reasons are various—the journal was too thick, the paper was too thin, it was lined/unlined (depending on my mood that affects me), it was too small, too big, the pages were white, and on it goes. 

I haven’t discarded a journal halfway through for about a year now. Part of this, I think, is because I have finally found what works for me as far as the actual journal is concerned—I need a semi-thick book with cream pages, it must have lines (although depending on the journal I can get away with an unlined one), and it should be around 5x7. If you struggle with discarded journals, take a look at the ones you’ve abandoned and see what they have in common. Take note of the journals you have finished and see what they have in common. You might discover something. 

Sometimes rushing through a journal just comes from having a short attention span (I know it does for me a lot of the time). If this describes you, perhaps it would be helpful to live in the moment and approach your current journal with slowness and simplicity, appreciating the blank page in front of you and just working to fill it with something meaningful, instead of looking ahead. I know this has worked for me many times.

Also, the realization that journaling is a journey, and not a destination. When I had only three or four filled journals to my name, I would wish and wish that I had more. But you can’t have more unless you give focus and attention to each journal, instead of discarding it or rushing to fill it!

These are just some things I've learned over the years of journaling. Perhaps they may be helpful in your journaling journey. Do you have  any thoughts to add?


  1. I haven't filled any of mine completely (though one is very close!). I ended up using certain ones for certain "big" years, like one for the year I was 13, and one for the year I was 16, so that's part of the reason. I guess since I can look back through them and see how much I "grew."
    It's kind of funny, because whenever I start a new one I'm like: "I want to use all the pages!" But I haven't yet, so....

    Maybe eventually. :)

  2. I only have one journal I didn't fill completely. I always felt really bad about not finishing it, but now that I read that other people have the same problem, I feel better. Thanks for that ;)
    It happened a few times, that I disliked a journal. But I worked my way through, trying to make the best out of it. Sometimes by decorating it, etc. Sometims it didn't help at all and was really relieved when I finally reached the last page, but sometimes I changed my mind about the journal it was almost a sad moment when I finished it.
    Do you know that feeling? When you fall in love with your journal so much, you never want to reach the last page?

  3. I had troubles keeping up journaling in 2012 and 2013 (I only filled one journal). It didn't work for me.
    But now I'm back to journaling regularly :)

  4. I have 7 that I've "finished" so far.

  5. I've been journaling since I was four and could write (back then, it was a sentence and a picture of my day :D) I used to write in composition notebooks. Now I have finished 4 daily journals (And I'm not even thirteen). I already know what journal I like- a smaller sized spiral notebook, but not pocket sized. I have tried binded, and large, but I find it harder to maintain a continuous journal with those notebooks.
    I've tried to art journal regularly, but it doesn't work as well.

    1. That's so awesome you've been journaling since you were four! And it's even better you've found what notebook works for you at such a young age. I had so much trial and error with that. How long does it usually take you to finish a notebook?


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