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Monday, September 15, 2014

notebook review: rossi journals

Today I am reviewing for Rossi journals, Italian made and designed (handmade in Tuscany, might I add.) Rossi is a family-owned company that was founded in 1931, and continues to make fine stationery products to this day.

 I had to take a picture of the package.
It is always so nice to receive mail from overseas!

The packaging was a delight to behold when I opened the PO box; I love the special Rossi tape!

 Joka from Rossi sent me eight journals in total!
I must say, this is the most generous package I have ever received from a notebook company.

 Such a darling little journal! I really like the design; 
I listen to a lot of classical music and this is right up my alley. It is softcover.

 It is filled with unlined cream paper.

 This is a smaller-sized notebook; softcover as well.

 It is filled with cream colored lined paper.

 I love the design on this softcover journal and the fact that you can write a title on the cover. 

 I tested pens inside this journal; the paper is more or less the same throughout the journals, so this is a representation of pen bleed through on the entire lot.

 There is some shadow see-through on both pens, except for the Sharpie permanent marker which bled through the other side (but it's hard to find paper that Sharpies won't bleed through). The paper is neither thin nor thick. It is smooth, but not quite as smooth as some journals I have used.

 This is a hardcover journal of a medium-size.
The cover feels quite sturdy and the elastic closure is a nice touch.
However, I feel the black elastic doesn't flow as nicely with the journal design as perhaps a cream colored one would.

 I love the fact that all of Rossi's paper is cream colored.
 I only use journals with cream colored paper, so this was a huge plus for me.

 I love the design on this softcover journal, as well as the space to write a title or description for what's inside. The covers on the softcover journals are made from a very sturdy paper. Although they are not sturdy enough to use as a stable writing surface, they seem like they will hold up well.

 It is a thinner journal, not full of many pages, but it's a nice paper size.

 This is a thin softcover journal. The design is quite interesting, but I enjoy interesting things.

 The paper is unlined, so I suppose it could be used as a sketchbook, although I'm not sure how well that would work out, considering it is not a hardcover.

 I'm not a fan of this particular cover design, but I like the concept of a higher quality spiral journal. The softcover is made of a high-quality feeling heavy textured paper, and has an elastic closure.

 It is filled with lined pages, and even has a handy flap in the front that you can mark your place with. The paper in this notebook feels less smooth and ever so slightly textured compared to the other journals, which I really enjoy. (Sometimes when paper is too smooth and fine, your pen shows up differently on it.)

 I really like this journal. It is a very nice size, and has a sturdy feeling hardcover with an elastic closure.

 Again, the same lovely cream colored paper and very nicely sized pages with great line space width. I would have liked the inclusion of a bookmark in this journal.

My brother actually pointed this out (and I have to say I agree) that Rossi projects a 1950s vintage vibe (as is visible from the label.)

A catalog was included with the package, filled with the lovely stationery supplies the company makes.

 There are several pages devoted to Rossi's many notebook styles and designs.

Rossi also makes beautiful stationery.

See what I mean about the 1950s vibe?

I have to say that I am very pleased with Rossi journals.The quality seems very high, from the binding, to the covers, to the paper, and the designs are very unique with a classic, vintage feel. These are not your bland, run of the mill notebooks. 

However, I have to say I would love to see an inclusion of a bookmark with the hardcover journals. While this is not a huge deal, a bookmark is a useful addition to almost any journal. Also, I would have liked to see a little sticker or something on each journal with a description of it--how many pages it contains, the size/dimensions, whether or not the paper is lined/unlined, acid-free, etc. Most journals I have come across include a little description of some sort with the journal (which makes reviewing easier.)

Check out Rossi journals:
Rossi has a website which provides an overview of their company and products. Rossi also has a blog that contains interesting trivia and updates about the company and products, as well as a list of US retailers, both in-store retailers and online ones. 

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Rossi company for providing me these journals to review!

Disclosure: I received these journals from Rossi in return for my honest review of the product, and the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was not compensated in any other way.

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