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Thursday, June 5, 2014

how to: using journaling cards in your journal

Journaling cards are fantastic little inspirations that are perfect for adding some interest and color to your journal. Today I'm going to share some ideas on how to use journaling cards in your journal.
 We R Memory Keepers make some great journaling cards available at Target and Amazon. The ones at Amazon are a seriously awesome deal--$9.99 for 275 cards of different sizes and patterns!

 A black and white chevron journaling card anchored with some fall washi tapes makes a nice autumn-looking decoration.

 Since journaling cards were originally made for "albums made easy", they are printed with pretty designs on both sides. How do we remedy this? Attach the card with some washi tape so it can be flipped over. Then both sides can be used. 

 The flip side.

 Calendar journaling cards make good NaNoWriMo countdowns.

 I very much love the chalkboard ones.

 Journaling cards are so pretty and have such lovely messages on them, too.

 I didn't care much for the design on the flipside of this extra-large journaling card, so I just glued it in as a "wallpaper" of sorts.

 This is another example of using the journaling cards with washi tape hinges.

So there you have it--journaling with journaling cards! 


  1. Love these ideas! I would have never thought of the washi tape to see both sides of the cards!

  2. I've seen journaling cards on Pinterest, but wasn't entirely sure how to use them. I'm going to give them a try though, because I really like how they look and add some color to the pages. :)


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