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Monday, April 21, 2014

journaling daily

I haven't been a consistent daily journaler until recently. When I first started, my entries were sporadic; probably because I just didn't posses the skill or the discipline at age ten to journal daily (plus I probably didn't have a lot to talk about. Except maybe American Girl and my homeschool group that met once a week.) As I grew older, my entries became a bit more regular, several times a week, but even then only a few lines each. I would then go through phases where I would journal every day, only to drop off once more.

I struggled with depression as a teenager, and that played a significant role in my journaling, and I rarely journaled. When I did, my entries were about worries or how miserable I was feeling. I regret now, looking back, not keeping a daily journal more consistently. I remember little of 2008, because that was the year I jouranled the least. I wish I would have jouranled daily about what had happened in my life and family. But I didn't, and I suppose it can't be helped now.

As of now, I fill up several pages daily of anything and everything that has happened to me or comes to my mind. Thoughts, ideas, lists, tidbits from around the house, as well as artistic endeavors such as paint chip collages or cut outs from magazines. I love looking back and having a record of what has passed, and writing daily helps relieve stress, anxiety, and provides a great outlet for creativity. I do take breaks at times, if I'm busy, ppreoccupied, or just don't have the motivation to write. However, after a day or so off, I'm usually ready to write again.

Do you journal daily?

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  1. I don't journal daily. Maybe 4 days a week.
    I have this bad habit not to journal about what's going in my life. I journal a lot about random thoughts and how I'm doing, etc. But when there's actually something interesting going on in my life, I don't write it down. When this happens I'm busy doing things and then two days later I don't care about going through the past days again.
    I think I simply prefer to write about what's going on right at the moment.


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