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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

how to: journaling with paint chips part 3

 According to my stats, the paint chips posts are pretty popular. 
Part one and part two. So surely you won't mind hearing more about paint chips.

 This is one of my favorite ideas for paint chips. 
Making clouds and rain drops with appropriately 
colored gray, blue, and white paint chips. 
Simply cut out cloud shapes and rain drops and paste away.

 I love rain and I love paint chips.
 It's a good match.

 Grey is such a lovely color.

You can make little word windows with the 
paint chips with the squares cut out of them.

Paint chips are also great little colorful 
places to write favorite lyrics, too. 

Also for doodling stars. 
Pretty much the only thing I can draw. 

And also for just writing pretty words on.

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