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I'm Shaynie, the journaler behind Journaling Journeys. I have always loved writing and art, from the time I was very young. I've been filling up notebooks since I was about thirteen, so around a decade now--I have 50 journals filled and I'm still going. I’m by no means an expert on journaling; I just want this blog to be a place where I can share my experience, some ideas, and what I’ve learned and where you can hopefully get some inspiration for use in your own jouranaling.

A little more about me..
I have been saved by the grace of God through Jesus. I love Him more than anything, and I live my life to serve and glorify Him. Besides journaling, I love my family, my cats, tea, good food, simple living, poetry, art, making lists, music, and just living each moment as it comes. I hope I can share some ideas and inspire you on this site. I'm glad you're here. :)

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