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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

how to: journaling with feathers

 Feathers are very nice.

 They're not very easy to find, but keep your eyes 
open when you're out in the yard. 
You will be sure to find some somewhere.
You can even buy them at craft stores (I think.)

 They make great accents on paint chips 
(this beautiful piece of art was made for me by birdandwillow)

 When paired with washi tape they 
make beautiful little journal accents.

And there are some ideas of journaling with feathers.


  1. I found a feather on the ground yesterday, and I thought of this blog entry you wrote. Today, I have a very pretyu journal embellishment inspired by you. Thank you!

    1. That sounds lovely! Thank you so much for your kind comment; it makes me happy to know that you gained some inspiration for your journal!


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