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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

how to: journaling with scrapbook paper

The post today comes from a reader request. Andrea says,
"Can you do an entry showing the scrapbook paper and/or journaling cards in your journals? After hoarding up scrapbooking supplies and discovering that I am really a journal lover instead, I'd appreciate some inspiration on using my scrapbook paper stash!"
 The answer is yes, I can, Andrea! :) So here we go: journaling with scrapbook paper, one of the most effective ways to add color and beauty to the journal (besides washi tape.) Scrapbook paper can be found practically everywhere from Target to Micheal's, and even thrift stores! Yes, it's there, too.

 This little strip made a useful date decoration.

 Green scrapbook paper makes a nice summery background for a playlist.

 Scalloped scissors make this little rectangular paper a nice decoration.

 June-themed scrapbook paper makes a great background for a summer-themed collage.

 I find scrapbook paper most useful in the creation of little collages in the journal.

Or simply as an accent, like this brown and pink chevron.

And finally scrapbook paper is very useful when it compliments each other, as these here represent the sun and the sky.

So there are many ways to use scrapbook paper in your journals! These are just a few ideas. Hopefully they have been helpful to you guys!


  1. Thank you so much for putting together this blog entry. I love all of the ideas, and your journals are so gorgeous! I can't wait to add some color to my pages with my scrapbook paper stash!

  2. Love all the ideas, your journal pages are so cute and colorful! This inspires me to start on mine right now :) So glad I found this blog!


  3. Great ideas! Just found your blog and looking forward to reading the older posts.


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